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What Are The Side Effects Of E Cigarettes? Are E-Cigs Dangerous

October 14, 2014 Category :Brighton Health 0

Electronic cigarettes have been around for quite a few years but it’s only recently that they’ve been a force in the industry.

They are a fantastic alternative to real cigarettes or so it may seem anyway. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are shaped like a real cigarette but run on a rechargeable battery.

There is a light, a small LED light that resembles a real cigarette and the whole point is to offer smokers an alternative with no apparent health risks. E-cigs are appealing but what are the side effects of e cigarettes?

Not the Safest Solution

To be honest, e cigarettes in Minnesota are quite good to use. They are considered to be safer than real or regular cigarettes but that doesn’t mean to say they are the safest option. While the e cigs aren’t filled with tobacco, they do contain some toxins and chemicals which can prove to be very unhealthy for the body.

Diethylene Glycol Causes Big Problems

One of the biggest side effects from using the electronic cigarettes in Minnesota is that diethylene glycol is found. This can be a big problem because its toxic on the human body and it can do a lot of damage when it’s inhaled. A lot of the e cig cartridges of e liquid contain this so it’s a big concern.

E-Cigs Can Be Toxic

Diethylene Glycol
• Tetramethylpyrazine

To be honest, there can be many different chemicals and toxins found within electronic cigarettes. They can be potentially dangerous and harmful to the body and its one of the biggest problems and side effects with the e cigs today. The chemicals found can have a bad impact on the body including brain damage as a result from prolonged exposure to tetramethylpyrazine.

Nicotine Can Be Addictive

A big side effect of the e cigarettes in Minnesota is that there is nicotine found within the device. This can be really bad because it may lead someone to becoming addicted to nicotine. Remember, if the body gets used to nicotine and using it frequently, then it can become something it has to have and crave for which might mean the ability to stop using e cigs. However, nicotine can also be harmful on the body if it’s inhaled.

addiction to nicotine

Added Pressure on Heart Health

However, when it comes to using cartridges containing nicotine, it can lead to heart problems. Heart health can be diminished significantly when nicotine is inhaled and even if the cartridges don’t carry high amounts of nicotine, it can still pose a risk for the heart. If the cartridges don’t contain any amounts of nicotine then it is much better but if it does, it can be risky.

Can Electronic Cigs Help You Stop Smoking?

Just like real cigarettes, e cigs can still offer side effects. Though, these side effects are a little less ferocious than the real cigs but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as dangerous or as real. The side effects are still very frightening and they are certainly something to be wary and careful of too. You need to know and understand what the side effects are, even if you want to use the electronic cigarettes in Minnesota afterwards.

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Top 5 Pros And Cons Of Electronic Cigarettes?

October 14, 2014 Category :Brighton Health 0

There are more and more today that look at e cigarettes in California than ever before. However, for millions, they aren’t really sure if the e cigs are the right solution for them. It can be difficult to know whether they are the best solutions; then again, there is so much confusion with these. What are the top five pros and cons of using the electronic cigarettes?

E Cigarettes Can Be Used Anywhere!

One of the best upsides to using the e-cigs has to be the fact they can be used almost anywhere! There aren’t any restrictions over where these electronic cigarettes in California can be used. This means they can be used in places such as;

• The Home (http://brightonhealth.ca/what-are-the-side-effects-of-e-cigarettes-are-e-cigs-dangerous/)
• The Office
• At Restaurants
• In Bars And Clubs

It’s true; you can actually use these electronic cigarettes almost anywhere. This means those who want to smoke but don’t want to miss out, don’t have to leave the room or go outside to smoke. Remember, the e-cigs are electronic so there is no real smoking involved.

E Cigarettes Are Inexpensive To Purchase

In most cases, purchasing the e cigs isn’t that costly. It might seem the starter kits are expensive to pay out at once but actually they aren’t and all you have to do is to purchase the refill kits. These cartridges don’t actually cost a lot of money, usually only a few dollars which is great. There is a lot of money to be saved on the cartridges which means smokers can reduce their intake of tobacco and save money at the same time. This is a massive plus point with e cigarettes in California.

E-Cigs Are Effective

Most people forget the basic rule of smoking aides – it has to work, it has to be effective – and these e-cigs can actually be quite effective. For any smoker who wants to quit smoking, they can find they are able to reduce their intake and stop smoking altogether. It’s true and it’s very much possible to stop smoking when using the electronic cigarettes.

Help Failed Quitters

A lot of studies have shown those who’ve failed in their attempts to quit smoking are successful when using the e-cigs. That is amazing because thousands have failed in their attempts to give up smoking but the e cigarettes could help improve their health. This is why the e-cigs are being used more and more today.

No Nicotine

Those using e cigarettes in California can find they don’t have to use any nicotine products with their e liquid. Of course there is nicotine liquid available but there is also liquid which also comes free from nicotine. This can help to avoid relying on e-cigs.

There Isn’t Many Regulations over the E-Cigs

To be honest, the industry doesn’t have a lot of regulations. This can be a massive problem because it has left lots of areas unclear and often cloudy. A lot of people aren’t too sure about these because of the endless health warnings and of course because of a lack of regulations too.

Tobacco Related Products Are Used

A big drawback to the e-cigs is that there are still low levels of tobacco related products used. Yes, the levels may be considerably lower but the risks are still there. It’s a problem because people are using electronic cigarettes in California to avoid the risks with real cigarettes.

Nicotine Is Found In Many E Liquids

E liquids are used to fill the e cigarettes device and there are hundreds of different options. The liquids come in different tastes but there can still be a high level of nicotine within some of them. In fact, unless someone specifically orders zero percent tastes, there will be some nicotine present within the liquid. In most cases the levels are low but still it’s there.

vaping experience

No Safety Warnings

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of straightforward safety guides or warnings when using the e-cig. This is a little bit of a problem because with real cigarettes, everyone knows the warnings, however with e-cigs, there doesn’t seem to be any safety warnings. Of course, they are supposed to be OK to use but still, there aren’t any clear safety warnings for the electronic cigarettes.

A Bad Image

The biggest con of the electronic cigarettes has to be the fact the overall image is bad. There have been a lot of things said about e-cigs and not all of the things have been good so that leaves a bad taste behind. A lot of people struggle to see past the bad image that has been created over the endless bans and bad talk about them.

Be Wary Before Using

Everyone will have their own opinion about the e-cigs. Many people don’t care about the bad image or bad press that surrounds them and are happy to use them; but a lot aren’t happy to do so. That is why it’s important to see the pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself. The e -cigs aren’t going anywhere so take the time to learn a little more about them.

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Is There Really No Nicotine In E Cigarettes?

October 14, 2014 Category :Brighton Health 0

Electronic cigarettes in New Hampshire are becoming very popular. It isn’t hard to see why – they do look like the healthier alternative, however, there are still so many people who really can’t get their head around the idea of vaping. Vaping isn’t in fact different from smoking a real cigarette, except the smoke isn’t real, it’s all artificial. However, many smokers who want to use e-cigs want to know is there really nicotine in e cigarettes?

Changing the Smoking Experience

To be honest, there are hundreds of people who want to smoke but don’t want the health risks and don’t want to have a high dependency to nicotine. Those people look at e cigarettes to help them find an alternative to smoking. However, with the e-cigs, users can feel as though they are smoking for real with the exception that there is no tobacco involved and of course, it’s all artificial. Many just want to change their smoking experience but can that be done without high levels of nicotine?

Some New Hampshire Electronic Cigarettes Have Zero Nicotine

To be honest, there are e cigs that don’t contain any traces of nicotine whatsoever. A lot of electronic cigarettes don’t carry nicotine which is great especially for those who don’t want to have any but, be warned, these are a lot harder to find. The reason why is because many smokers quitting still want the buzz from the nicotine. However, most e liquid contains some traces of nicotine so it’s important to understand that but also it can be ordered with zero nicotine also.

Be Sure You Are Getting Zero Percent Nicotine

While it may be very much possible to find nicotine free e liquid, it’s also very much possible to find liquid that has some traces contained within it. If you don’t want any nicotine, it’s very important to know what traces are within the liquid before ordering. Many offer low doses anyway but still, there are liquids which have high quantities of nicotine as well so it’s important to understand what you are buying. However, it’s still possible to get no nicotine in e cigarettes in New York.

Should You Choose Zero Percent Nicotine E-Cigs

• No Nicotine Means No Addiction
• Smokers Can Find It Easier To Let Go Of Smoking

nicotine electronic cigarette

These are just a few of the best features when it comes to having zero nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes. Of course, most people think that since the e-cigs are healthier it doesn’t matter about nicotine levels, however, it does. Nicotine is addictive and it can be very unhealthy too. That is why it may be better to consider looking at liquid which doesn’t have any traces of nicotine. However, a lot of smokers don’t actually want to have that nicotine taste with their e-cigs.

You Can Get No Nicotine

For hundreds of people, having low or no nicotine within their e cigarettes can be very important but it is possible to get e liquid without it. That is just so important because it does mean those who want to give up smoking don’t have to worry about being addicted to the e-cigs instead. Of course, it’s everyone’s own choice when it comes to e cigarettes.

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Do E Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit?

October 14, 2014 Category :Brighton Health 0

There are millions of people each and every year who want to quit smoking and are now looking to electronic cigarettes. However, while electronic cigarettes seem to be the latest craze, lots of smokers don’t really understand what they are. Many smokers who want to quit believe there is such an unhealthy and dangerous image that surrounds e-cigs and avoid them. However, do e cigarettes help smokers quit?

No Tobacco Used and No Nicotine

The electronic cigarettes in New York don’t actually contain any tobacco whatsoever. That is really important because tobacco is quite harmful and it can have a bad effect on the body. The same can be said about nicotine too because smokers can choose to use liquid which doesn’t contain any nicotine which is great too. If there are no nicotine cartridges or liquids being used, it means there is a less chance of being addicted to nicotine.

A Bigger Appeal for Smokers

To be honest, with the e cigarettes in New York, there is a bigger appeal for them. There are more and more people who see these and think they are ready to quit and want to try an alternative smoking solution. Of course, this isn’t going to be right for everyone and some won’t like it but it might actually be a great way for smokers to turn away from real cigarettes and go down the artificial route.

The News Looks Good For Those Looking To Quit

However, electronic cigarettes are actually going to be a useful and vital tool to consider when giving up smoking. There have been a few different studies over the past few years and it has shown that smokers are more likely to give up the real thing. It isn’t difficult to see why the e-cigs are popular, especially since that they offer less health risks than what real cigarettes and cigars do. The news does look amazing for those looking for a method to give up smoking.

A Great Alternative

In the past, there have been a lot of different methods and solutions to help smokers give up, but they haven’t always been right for everyone. Hundreds of people do give up smoking with the help of an aide like e cigarettes and never smoke again, then again, some aren’t as lucky.

• Chewing Gum

• Nicotine Patches

• Hypnosis


These are a few of the methods many have used and still use to help them give up smoking, but they aren’t always effective. Nothing is one hundred percent full proof because the same thing isn’t right for everyone and that goes with e-cigs too but they do provide a wonderful alternative. The methods available are good but they aren’t always effective however with the e cigarettes in New York, it does give smokers the chance to quit smoking without going cold turkey.

Are They Right For You?

Everyone will have their own opinion over whether the e-cigs are great but at the end of the day, it’s down to every individual. Some are ready to give up smoking and use these e-cigs and find they work for them to quit altogether, then again, others don’t find them useful. Everyone is different and everyone takes a different approach to how they quit. The New York electronic cigarettes might help you give up smoking.

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Types of Natural Supplements

October 3, 2014 Category :Brighton Health 0

Natural supplements are preparations that come from organic sources such as plants. They are made to give you certain health benefits such as enhanced mental performance, anti-aging properties, staying fit and even weight loss. With the growing number of people who use these natural supplements, many brands and preparations are flooding the market today.

How Safe are Natural Supplements?

Though manufacturers say their products are all-natural, the possibility of developing reactions and side effects must not be neglected. Even the most potent drugs in the market also come from natural sources such as plants and animals. There are various products that promise you wellness and a remedy to your illness. The following are examples of these natural supplements:

Supplements for Age Management

Aging is one of the health concerns of many of us. This is because it does not only give you wrinkles and age spots but also degenerative diseases such as heart illness. Today, age management supplements aim to provide you with essential compounds that can stop your aging clock.

Energy Supplements

These products are helpful in boosting energy and vitality. You may not have the resistance to endure long hours of work and it is vital that you get energy from sources such as your food and natural supplements. By taking these capsules, you may have more efficiency towards work and other responsibilities.

Supplements for Joint Mobility

Arthritis is one of the degenerative disorders that come with aging. This may cause terrible pain and decreases the mobility of your joints. Natural supplements for joint health serve you by managing inflammation and thereby decreasing pain. This in turn increases flexibility and mobility.

Natural Supplements for Men

These preparations aim to improve a man’s sexual performance. It is made from natural herbs such as ginseng that are also used in treatment of erectile dysfunction. These ingredients enhance blood flow to which penile erection is greatly dependent to.

Natural Supplements for Improved Concentration

An enhanced mental performance is another benefit you can get from some natural supplements. These products improve focusing and concentration. Students may benefit a lot from this type of supplements. Also, some products may give you certain health benefits such as memory enhancement.

Sleep Supplements

You may be dealing with insomnia or difficulty falling asleep. Natural supplements for this condition help you get rest and uninterrupted sleep. These may be used when you think drinking a glass of milk and mental exercises such as counting sheep are no longer effective in your case.

Natural Weight Loss Pills

Weight Loss Supplements

Losing weight is one of the issues that many men and women face. It is hard to lose weight. Diet and exercise take a lot of discipline and a strong motivation in order to shed some pounds. However, with natural supplements that act by controlling your cravings for food or by burning fat, you may take a few inches off your waist

In using natural supplements, you must remember that you are introducing substances to the body that may either improve or compromise health. These products may react to the medications you are taking for pre-existing medical conditions. It is therefore important to seek for an expert’s advice so that the safety of the use of these products may be determined.

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Probiotics: For Healthy Tummy Everyday

October 3, 2014 Category :Brighton Health 0

Stomach problems come in several forms. Sometimes, you tend to experience indigestion, diarrhea and constipation. All these commonly occur but when chronic, can really be disturbing. When there’s problem with digestion, the body can’t absorb the nutrients you eat.

People all know that the intestines contain good bacteria that help in digestion. There are several causes that can destroy these bacteria. These may be taking antibiotics. Eating dirty food can promote growth of bad bacteria causing stomach upset. What you need is to keep your tummy healthy with probiotics.


What are Probiotics?


Probiotics are live microorganisms that have been added into food and drinks to promote good bacteria in the stomach and intestines. These make the good and bad bacteria in adequate number to prevent various diseases. You really can’t kill all the bad bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract.

What you can only do is to keep these bacteria in a small number so these won’t cause the disease or infection. With probiotics and good bacteria, the growth of bad bacteria is stopped. Probiotics also have various good effects not only to your tummy but the whole body as well.

healthy tummy

What are Good Effects of Probiotics?

The number one benefit of probiotics to the body is by aiding in digestion. There are some food that takes longer to be digested. These helpful bacteria aid in digesting food for quick absorption. In effect, it prevents diarrhea and constipation.

For those who have gastroenteritis, taking probiotics can help relieve the problem. There are several people who are lactose intolerant. They have few lactase enzymes that can metabolize the lactose in milk. Everytime they take milk and other dairy products with lactose, they develop stomach problems.

Good news for them since with probiotics, they can now tolerate lactose. Probiotics secrete lactase enzymes which can work on the lactose. For women, vaginal infections can occur anytime on their life. These may be due to decreased good bacteria in the genital area. It’s believed that by taking probiotics, the growth of good bacteria can occur which can protect it from further infections.


Are Probiotics safe?


Generally, probiotics are safe for normal people. If you are in healthy condition without experiencing any other serious disease, taking probiotics everyday can surely benefit you. The occurrence of tummy problems can be avoided.

Those who are immune-compromised should check first with their physician. Since the body doesn’t have enough resistance to bacteria, either good or bad, your physician will decide which is best for you. It’s important to choose those which are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). So far, there have been no reported side effects of taking probiotics.


For healthier tummy and body, take probiotics everyday. You can find several foods containing probiotics. These include yogurt, cultured cookies, cereals and juice. Probiotic drinks have been widely distributed which have delicious taste. Young and old would enjoy them and enjoy the good benefits of probiotics.

Different Types of Nutritional Supplements

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Nutritional supplements are additions to the nourishment you get from the food that you eat. People like you who don’t have the luxury of time to prepare healthy food rely on those that are readily served in restaurants or that are easily prepared. However, they may not contain the nutrients you need to stay fit and healthy.
Today, many nutritional supplements are sold in grocery stores and pharmacies. Here are different types of these products that offer you improved nutrition and wellness:


These micro nutrients serve your body various benefits. Vitamin C, for example helps in boosting the immune system, collagen production and wound healing. Vitamin A, on the other hand, improves eyesight and has anti-aging properties. Neuro vascular development is one of the many benefits from vitamin B complexes. These substances can be derived from eating fruits and vegetables. Also, vitamins in one capsule are now available in pharmacies. This serves as nutritional support to achieve optimum health.


Minerals are also micro nutrients that help in maintaining chemical balance. The body’s processes rely on the amount of minerals that you get from the food that you eat. For example, calcium is essential in bone formation and in heart and muscle contraction. A deficiency in this mineral may cause fatal arrhythmia and poor bone strength. Vitamins and minerals are now made into pills and capsules providing you with these essential nutrients.


Supplements made from herbs are made for its medicinal and nutritional purposes. The use of plants to cure illnesses is traced to start even during the ancient times. Today, various studies are made on these natural sources of health benefits in order to formulate herbal supplements. These products either provide the body with nutrients or substances that may cure health conditions or enhance the body’s defenses and enable its ability to heal itself from illness.

Meal supplements

These are products enriched with nutrients that you may need to treat nutritional deficiencies such as in malnutrition. More concrete examples are protein enriched meal supplements used to manage protein deficiency. Also some supplements contain high amounts of macronutrients such as fats, fiber and carbohydrates

Nutritional Supplements for Athletes

Sports supplements are designed to meet an athlete’s nutritional needs. When you engage in such vigorous activity, you need the endurance and resistance that you can get from good nutrition. It is important that with the increase in physical activity, you sustain the body by getting more nutrients from food or by taking these supplements. Examples of these are energy-enriched beverages that also contain ions that the body needs to replenish its stores.

dietary supplement

Other Nutritional Supplements

Some products serve the body with health benefits derived from natural sources such as shitake mushroom, fish oil, virgin coconut oil and many more. These raw materials are made into commercial preparations that offer you wellness and prevent certain diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

It is vital that these supplements be taken regularly. They serve as your nutritional support. However, it is important that you educate yourself about the use of these products, how they act in your body and what possible untoward effects that you can get from them.