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Probiotics: For Healthy Tummy Everyday

Stomach problems come in several forms. Sometimes, you tend to experience indigestion, diarrhea and constipation. All these commonly occur but when chronic, can really be disturbing. When there’s problem with digestion, the body can’t absorb the nutrients you eat.

People all know that the intestines contain good bacteria that help in digestion. There are several causes that can destroy these bacteria. These may be taking antibiotics. Eating dirty food can promote growth of bad bacteria causing stomach upset. What you need is to keep your tummy healthy with probiotics.


What are Probiotics?


Probiotics are live microorganisms that have been added into food and drinks to promote good bacteria in the stomach and intestines. These make the good and bad bacteria in adequate number to prevent various diseases. You really can’t kill all the bad bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract.

What you can only do is to keep these bacteria in a small number so these won’t cause the disease or infection. With probiotics and good bacteria, the growth of bad bacteria is stopped. Probiotics also have various good effects not only to your tummy but the whole body as well.

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What are Good Effects of Probiotics?

The number one benefit of probiotics to the body is by aiding in digestion. There are some food that takes longer to be digested. These helpful bacteria aid in digesting food for quick absorption. In effect, it prevents diarrhea and constipation.

For those who have gastroenteritis, taking probiotics can help relieve the problem. There are several people who are lactose intolerant. They have few lactase enzymes that can metabolize the lactose in milk. Everytime they take milk and other dairy products with lactose, they develop stomach problems.

Good news for them since with probiotics, they can now tolerate lactose. Probiotics secrete lactase enzymes which can work on the lactose. For women, vaginal infections can occur anytime on their life. These may be due to decreased good bacteria in the genital area. It’s believed that by taking probiotics, the growth of good bacteria can occur which can protect it from further infections.


Are Probiotics safe?


Generally, probiotics are safe for normal people. If you are in healthy condition without experiencing any other serious disease, taking probiotics everyday can surely benefit you. The occurrence of tummy problems can be avoided.

Those who are immune-compromised should check first with their physician. Since the body doesn’t have enough resistance to bacteria, either good or bad, your physician will decide which is best for you. It’s important to choose those which are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). So far, there have been no reported side effects of taking probiotics.


For healthier tummy and body, take probiotics everyday. You can find several foods containing probiotics. These include yogurt, cultured cookies, cereals and juice. Probiotic drinks have been widely distributed which have delicious taste. Young and old would enjoy them and enjoy the good benefits of probiotics.

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